DIY Cheap Garden Ideas

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A cheap and creative garden is a great idea if ever you are thinking of getting your own garden that helps you save the environment and helps you save money. In this article we will talk about the different ideas that we will present you in order for you to hold a cheap yet eco-friendly garden that is also cheap. We will discuss the different materials in order to make the different garden ideas and teach you what are their importance in the garden, your home, and in the environment. If you are looking for a landscaping professional that will satisfy your landscaping needs, contacting Landscaping Richmond VA is a great solution for the current problem that you are having.

Cheap Garden

• Tiered Planter Box

This tiered planter box will give your house a great addition that will totally turn heads and this DIY will also save you money because it cost 10 dollars only. The materials you need are woods, wood glue, wood screw, and a cutting material, the size will depend on your liking, you can also add decorations to this planter box. Cut the wood to 2 squares, 2 rectangles, make a box, then make 4 legs, attach the legs using wood glue, repeat this process to 2 more set of planters and you’re done. So, if you are looking for a planter that’s easy to make and is also cheap then making this planter box is a great addition to your front or back yard.

• Cedar Tiered Flower Planter

Cedar tiered flower planters are a great addition to your home that’ll give a nice view and a nice feel to it, it’s also cheap with only 10 dollars to spare. The materials you need are woods, wood glue, wood screw, a cutting material, spacer, and a driller, again the size of your cedar tiered flower planter will depend on your liking. Cut 6 squares, 6 rectangles, and make 3 boxes that are identical to each other, next attach then attach the 3 boxes in one wood with proper spacing using a spacer. Then use your wood glue to attach 2 legs in the last box using a wood glue and a wood screw, then drill the bottoms of your boxes, then you’re done.

• Laundry Basket Planter

This laundry basket planter is a cheap and recyclable planter that will need less to no budget to have yet they will give your garden a nice touch of living. The materials you need in order to have a laundry basket planter are a laundry planter, packing tape, burlap, rope, and a cutting material, this tutorial will apply to any kind. Tape the cracks with a packing tape then cut the burlap fabric, tape the holes and handle of the laundry basket, and lastly put a rope to decorate I a bit. Then you are done, if you have an unused laundry basket lying around then you can do this DIY in order to enhance the beauty of your garden.

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